[SDLnews] [T17Q12] ITU-T SDL+ Methodology document (corrected URL)

Rick Reed rickreed at tseng.co.uk
Fri Jan 9 14:22:14 GMT 2015

I have copied the file to:

<http://sdl-forum.org/ftp/pub/SDL+Methodology/T13-SG17-140917-TD-PLEN-1278!!MSW-E.docx <http://sdl-forum.org/ftp/pub/SDL+Methodology/T13-SG17-140917-TD-PLEN-1278!!MSW-E.docx>>
(corrected URL)

You should be able to download it from there. The download is free of charge.

If you have any problems, email me.

Suggestions for corrections or improvements are welcome.

Rick Reed - rickreed at tseng.co.uk <mailto:rickreed at tseng.co.uk>
Tel:+44 15394 88462 Mob.:+44 7970 50 96 50

> On 9 Jan 2015, at 01:48, Zhangyi (ZHANG YI, SCC) <enid.zhang at huawei.com <mailto:enid.zhang at huawei.com>> wrote:
> Dear Rick,
> I am not a member of SDL forum, but I would like to have the document.
> If possible, I also would like to be a member of SDL forum.  How to apply for it?  Any fees?
> Best Regards,
> 张屹 (Enid) Yi ZHANG |+86 18617054882 | 2012安全能力中心 Cyber Security Competence Center |洁志、践言、砥行、永劼

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