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Dear Colleagues,

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> On 18 Dec 2014, at 10:44, Rick Reed <rickreed at tseng.co.uk <mailto:rickreed at tseng.co.uk>> wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> At the last SG17 meeting in September a revision of the SDL+ methodology document was presented.
> This has been updated to reflect changes since the current document was published b ITU-T in May 1997.
> This document is a Supplement to the Z series of “Recommendations” (ITU-T standards).
> It is not normative, and is therefore not subject to the same approval procedure as a Recommendation.
> Supplements are approved for publication by a meeting of the responsible ITU-T Study Group - SG17 in this case.
> It was decided at the last SG17 meeting that the revised methodology document should allowed a period of review and comment before approval.
> The next SG17 meeting is 8-17 April 2015, and the plan is to approve the document at that meeting.
> You are therefore invited to review the document, which is attached and can also be found at:
> <http://www.sdl-forum.org/members/Downloads/sg17/2013-2016/docs-dms/140917/td/plen/T13-SG17-140917-TD-PLEN-1278-E.htm <http://www.sdl-forum.org/members/Downloads/sg17/2013-2016/docs-dms/140917/td/plen/T13-SG17-140917-TD-PLEN-1278-E.htm>>
> for SDL Forum Society members - member username/password needed.
> <http://www.itu.int/md/meetingdoc.asp?lang=en&parent=T13-SG17-140917-TD-PLEN-1278 <http://www.itu.int/md/meetingdoc.asp?lang=en&parent=T13-SG17-140917-TD-PLEN-1278>>
> for ITU TIES members - member username/password needed.
> I am the editor for the document and you can send your comments to me, or to <t13sg17q12 at lists.ITU.int <mailto:t13sg17q12 at lists.ITU.int>> if you are a member of that list (for ITU-T Q12/17 - is the group for this work).
> --
> Rick Reed - rickreed at tseng.co.uk <mailto:rickreed at tseng.co.uk>
> Tel:+44 15394 88462 Mob.:+44 7970 50 96 50
> <T13-SG17-140917-TD-PLEN-1278!!MSW-E.docx>

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