[SDLnews] New web host - new list

Rick Reed rickreed at tseng.co.uk
Wed Jun 5 21:07:57 BST 2013

Dear Colleagues,

The domain sdl-forum.org has been moved to a new host.

On this host mailing lists are supported by GNU MailMan, and therefore majordomo is no longer used.
The sdlnews at sdl-forum.org list has therefore been transferred to  GNU MailMan on this host.
I have also consolidated the (little used) mailing list mscnews at sdl-forumorg with the sdlnews at sdl-forum.org list.
If your email address was subscribed to mscnews at sdl-forumorg, it has now been added (if necessary) to the sdlnews at sdl-forum.org list.
You should have received an email notifying you that you had been added to the sdlnews at sdl-forum.org list.
However, I am on the list myself and have not received the email.

The email (if/when) you receive it contains information about accessing the list and a password for access to the subscription of your email address to the list.

You can access your subscription via the WWW at <http://lists.sdl-forum.org/mailman/options/sdlnews/yourusername@yourdomain> where yourusername at yourdomain is your email address.

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